Thursday, 13 November 2014

catch up and fashion inspiration

hey guys long time no see i am so sorry i haven't blogged in a while, i have been in search of a placement but much to my trying i got nada but when one door closes another one opens right, so instead of concentrating on certain things i have instead been doing odd bits and pieces like doing a family tree and well these can be very interesting as you find family that you would never guess having like my grandmothers fathers side go all the way back to the very first kings of Scotland which is amazing and it seems that a generation in that side went back and forth from Glasgow to Newcastle while my grandmothers husbands family they were from Copenhagen, Denmark which i am really proud of and they had jobs from being the captain of a ship to later generations just being chief engineers which takes a lot of skill as i keep being told by my mam.

but anyway i am getting of topic which must bore you guys across the globe so here we go i have to in my final year come up with a project of my own making and well i have racked my brains thinking up concepts and designing random clothes that relate to them but i finally decided not to go with a common concept, I decided to do a homage of my home town South Shields and the rich history it has, we all know that finding the right kind of research is hard so we mainly end up with just secondary research from the internet, which ends up just being clothes but inspiration for garments can come from the tiniest of things like a steeple from a church or a Victorian feature that has lasted generations or even a piece of art work in the local pub that you remember from childhood sunday inspired by everything.

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